Culinary Exploration:
Explore Our Gourmet Masterpieces with an Asian Flair

Indulge in the culinary wonders crafted by our extraordinary Chef. Each dish at Chambers is a fusion of exquisite flavors, showcasing the pinnacle of culinary innovation. Our menu, featuring delectable steaks and enticing cocktails, takes you on a sensory journey. Enhance your dining pleasure with our carefully chosen selections, and offered wine pairings, where each bite and sip promises a delightful culinary experience.

Food Menu

We proudly feature our 30 day dry aged US Prime Beef cuts which have been aged in-house

All our steaks are served with your choice of sauces; Bearnaise, bordelaise, Chambers chimichurri, salsa verde, Japanese Yakiniku

A=Alcohol, C=Chillies, D=Dairy, F=Fish/Seafood, G=Gluten, N=Nuts, P=Pork, V= Vegan, Vg=Vegetarian