About Us


Dedicated to delivering sensory journeys, celebrating global chef artistry and fostering enduring appreciation for exceptional ingredients, entertainment and hospitality.


To become Toronto’s ultimate destination, seamlessly combining exceptional cuisine with uniquely curated performances, setting new international benchmarks in the realms of fine dining and entertainment.

Using rich ingredients discovered in Japan, South East Asia and the Middle East; the cuisine at Chambers is a culmination of our Head Chef’s career abroad which encompasses a taste like none other. It is an experience of a new-found love of products that gives you an appreciation for not only the dishes created with fabulous ingredients, but an appreciation for all the chefs who make dining all over the world a sensory pleasure.

Chambers Steakhouse & Supper Club, a haven for the city’s elite. Immerse yourself in a world of a high-end uniquely curated performances, blending artistry, music and unparalleled creativity for an unforgettable night of sophistication and glamour.